What We Do

What is Project Unhoused

Project Unhoused is a homelessness prevention initiative started by Zac Levy.  The goal of Project Unhoused is to aid and spread awareness about America's homeless and pre-homeless. 

How do people become homeless? At age sixteen, Zac Levy set out to answer this question. Follow Levy’s year-long journey as he bounces between homeless shelters and soup kitchens exploring the struggles of the homeless and finding ways to assist the less fortunate. Through his interviews with unhoused individuals, Levy illuminates the root causes of homelessness and explains the dangers behind many popular misconceptions about homelessness.

Correspondence Program

We have been working with wholesalers to curate care packages for the homeless. These care packages will contain items I've learned are the most essential and useful to those experiencing homelessness.

Coat Drive

Monthly Stipends

We have started providing a monthly stipend to some of the men and women I interviewed to help them make ends meet.

Watch Drive